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Checkups and Dental Cleanings in St. Albert

As a family dentist, Dr. Lon Riemer advocates the importance of good oral hygiene and preventive dentistry for patients of all ages. We welcome new patients and encourage you to make visiting the dentist a natural part of your dental care routine. Begin with regular checkups and dental cleanings at our St. Albert office.

To maintain or improve the health of your teeth and gums, the frequency of your dental hygiene appointments can range from once every year to once every 3 months, depending on your oral health. The length of each appointment also varies according to your particular tartar buildup and treatment needs.

For your convenience, you can call us or request an appointment with our online form.

Helping Kids Start a Lifetime of Good Dental Health

Dr. Lon Riemer offers children’s dentistry in St. Albert for kids from the age of 1 year through the teen years. We are here to help parents keep their child’s gums and first teeth healthy, beginning with the teething period. We recommend your child’s first visit for a checkup and cleaning at about the age of 3. Your child’s first cleaning can be done by our dental hygienist or dental assistant. Dr. Riemer will evaluate the health of your child’s teeth and gums, along with an assessment of tooth development and bite.

Dr. Riemer’s dental clinic understands how important your child’s first visits and dental cleanings are to establishing a routine that supports good oral hygiene, both at home and in our office. We are proud of creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for both children and parents, and we always take time to answer all of your questions. Cleaning a child’s baby teeth is important since their health can affect the health of their permanent teeth to come, in addition to avoiding painful tooth decay and gum problems.

The time spent on a child’s dental cleaning depends on the amount of tartar or plaque buildup. That’s why our dental hygienist will give parents and children tips about good preventative habits and home care, including brushing, flossing and diet.

As your child matures into their adult teeth, regular cleanings are still very important to help prevent both cavities and gum disease. Older children and adolescents should expect to have a dental checkup and teeth cleaning at our St. Albert office every 6 months to keep their teeth healthy and clean. We are also able to make periodic orthodontic assessments during routine exams.


Make Your Dental Cleanings in St. Albert a Healthy Routine

Dr. Riemer serves all ages of adults, and our team highly recommends regular dental checkups and cleanings to support oral health and general well-being into your senior years. As with children and teens, preventative care is important in preventing tooth loss. Adult patients are also prone to the serious inflammation of periodontal disease that can lead to gum and bone loss. Our dental hygienist will remove plaque buildup from both above and below your gum line not only for a more pleasant smile and breath but also to protect your health. Consistent oral hygiene can help keep bacteria from entering your bloodstream from diseased gums, possibly infecting other parts of your body.