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Dental Practices Offering the Canada Dental Benefit in St. Albert for Free Dental Care

Providing Families without Private Dental Insurance the Care They Need

Dr. Riemer is an ideal choice for those using the Canada Dental Benefit! He is a trusted family dentist who can ensure the comprehensive care of your children’s oral health. The Canada Dental Benefit provides eligible families with up to $650 dental coverage per year, tax-free, for children under 12. This benefit is available to families with a net income below $90,000 who do not have any private dental insurance. Children’s dental care is incredibly important, if you do not have dental coverage for your small children, we encourage you to apply to the CRA for this benefit. In order to be eligible for this benefit, your child must not have any private dental coverage and your child’s dental care must not have been fully covered by other government programs. You must have filed your taxes for last year and have an adjusted net income of less than $90,000. You can learn more about eligibility requirements for the Canada Dental Benefit on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Learn More About the Canada Dental Benefit

For any other information on how to apply for the Canada Dental Benefit, eligibility, payments, and refunds, our team would be happy to help! Our team understands the process and can help you figure out your eligibility and how this benefit will work for you. Please contact us to book an appointment for your child or if you need any additional information!

The Canadian Dental Association is in full support of this benefit, as poor oral health can lead to illnesses that can cause life-long issues as well as create a strain on the healthcare system. Children in Canada have high rates of oral diseases, and we hope that this benefit will not only reduce the oral health issues found in children, but also reduce the financial strain families face. This benefit is not paid through the dental clinic but is instead refunded through the Canadian Revenue Agency. As such, dental services from any Canadian dentist can be claimed.

For a family dentist who is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care to children, visit Dr. Riemer in St. Albert!