Dr. Lon Riemer
231-7 St Anne St,
St. Albert, AB T8N 2X4


Preventative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist in St. Albert

Dr. Riemer is a St. Albert dentist providing care for the whole family and is devoted to comprehensive dental treatment for children. Aiming to make kids feel comfortable, Dr. Riemer’s office can accommodate small patients and make them feel welcome.

Helping Children to Get Proper Dental Care

Many parents feel nervous about their kids seeing a dentist, especially for the first time. If you are considering bringing your child to our clinic, Dr. Riemer makes sure to bring his experience to accommodate the needs of young children and deliver dental treatment that they require. Providing a nurturing environment makes both parents and children feel comfortable in our clinic. Depending on your child’s maturity, Dr. Riemer delivers treatment options that are tailored to each child and their ability to cope.

We can provide:

  1. Children’s preventive care, advice and tips on teething and brushing
  2. Emergency care for children and teens, preventive visits, sealants
  3. Orthodontic assessments

Preparing for Your Child's Dental Visit

With the right techniques, we want to make sure your child can cope with dental treatment without developing a negative attitude. We recommend that children are seen at one year of age in order to encourage proper homecare and healthy preventative measures. We would usually recommend a first cleaning visit around age 3. For your first visit, Dr. Riemer will review the history of your child’s dental procedures and will make time for any immediate questions you might have. Evaluating the health of your kid’s teeth, gums and bite, we can discuss further treatment or just simply providing daily routine tips on brushing and flossing.

We are here to help your child build a beautiful and healthy smile that projects confidence. Visit our kid’s dentist in St. Albert and we will help to answer any questions you may have and recommend a proper oral treatment.

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